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Sports Pharmacy Symposium 12-13 July,2021

Dear Pharmacists;


The 1st Sports Pharmacy Symposium organized by Gazi University Faculty of Pharmacy will be held on 12-13 July 2021 with international participation.

Sports Pharmacy is an innovative field of specialization have developing worldwide in connection with the health, economic and social sectors. Providing the most effective and most accurate information for better performance and athlete health in every field where participation in sports and exercise by pharmacist is important on professional and non-professional levels.

In our symposium, we aim to bring together important lecturers in this field from national and the worldwide and contribute to the development of pharmacy. Our symposium will be held online. We will be honored by your participation in the Gazi University Sports Pharmacy Symposium.

Our symposium is free. The number of participants is limited.
Please fill out the form and send it to sporeczaciligi@gazi.edu.tr for registration.

registration form

Hope to see you in Symposium.


(Ankara GMT+3)


1030-1100 (Ankara GMT+3)


Musa Yıldız (Prof.Dr., Rector of Gazi University)


İlkay Erdoğan Orhan (Prof.Dr., Dean of Gazi University Faculty of Pharmacy)


Fatma Akar (Prof.Dr., Gazi University, Sports Pharmacy Master’s Program coordinator) Introduction to Gazi University Faculty of Pharmacy Sports Pharmacy Master’s Program


1700-1740 (Korea GMT +9, 6 hours ahead of Ankara)

Sandy Jeong Rhie (Prof. Dr., Yonsei Institute of Sports Science and Exercise Medicine, Yonsei University, Wonju, Republic of Korea,)

Expanding Scope of Pharmacy Practice in Sports: Sharing Experience of 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Games


1000-1045 (UK, GMT +1, 2 hours behind Ankara)

Özcan Esen (MSc, SENr, Department of Health Professions, Faculty of Health, Psychology and Social Care, Manchester,UK)

Ergogenic and supplements in sport: review of basic science, evidence-based approach



Tarkan Bir (GEK-Chairman, TEKB-Board Member)

Reaching Safe Supplements



–        Pharm Hakan Coşkun Pharmacy Contribution Awards

–        Spor Eczacılığı Araştırma Geliştirme Ödülü – İÜSEK

(Kahramanmaraş Chamber of Pharmacists Bahtiyar Murat Aras, President)

–        Play True – Clean Sports Award – Burcu Ayhan Yüksel

(İlkay Erdoğan Orhan, Dean)



Panel-Past & Future of Sports Pharmacy Lecturers:

Pharm MSc. Ayşegül Birlik,

Pharm MSc. Reyhan Kara,

Pharm MSc. Levent Gökgünneç





Pharm MSc. Somer Helvacı


(Ankara GMT+3)


1500-1540 (UK, GMT +1, 2 hours behind Ankara)

Ali Jawad (British Paralympic powerlifter)

Should Para specific cheating methods be included in the WADA code?


1000-1045 (Minesota, GMT -5, 8 hours behind Ankara)

Athena Cannon (PGY-1 Pharmaceutical Care Leadership Residency University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy)

Growing the Field of Sports Pharmacy: A continuous journey of exploring curiosity and passion


1000-1045(Colorado, Mountain Std Time, UTC -6, 9 hours behind Ankara)

Ashley Anderson (Pharmacist at United States Anti Doping Agency, Clinical)

Creating Partnerships and Networking for Opportunities in Sports Pharmacy


1000-1045 (California, Pacific Daylight Time, 10 hours behind Ankara)

Robert P. Nickell (1st Pharmacist for USA Olympic Medical Team 2004)

Sports Pharmacy, How to get your business started!


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